Management Team

Dee and David bring together over 50 years of combined experience. As a registered nurse since 1991, Dee served in several geriatric nursing roles and held the Executive Director position in two private long term care nursing homes. David, a successful corporate realtor with deep expertise in logistics and operations, provides the financial backing and complementary services that make Ottawa Caregivers a full service caregiving organization.

Dee Davidson
Co-Founder & Head Nurse

As co-founder Dee brings an extensive background and wealth of experience in the nursing field. Having spent the last 15 years caregiving in Montreal, Dee has now set her focuses on Ottawa to do the same. Dee is a registered nurse since 1991, which includes having been a Floor Duty Nurse, Head Nurse, Director of Nursing and positions as Associate Director and Executive Director of two private long term care nursing homes.

Dee brings a wealth of experience in Geriatrics and knowledge of both care facility operations and home care management. Dee has been integral is designing the comprehensive service behind Ottawa Caregivers which is based in part on her experiences in dealing with families relatives and the difficulties that they often face. With children leaving Ottawa as they often do, parents are left behind and need the support that a child would normally provide. For this reason Dee developed the “Advocacy” role to act on behalf of the family in the doctor’s office or hospital surroundings to ensure quality care is provided.

David Lang

When David a successful Corporate Real Estate owner experienced first hand the loss of family members, it became clear that care taking for the elders and needy was something that was not done properly. The constant barrage of rotating caregivers with little or no personality of expression of care became very frustrating. Not only was it clear that something was very wrong with the service, it was difficult to actually leave the needy family members in the care of these strangers.

Further research uncovered that most caregiving services are owned by franchisees simply looking for a business model designed purely for profit. Their bottom line is a purely financially driven “personal agency” that claims to be a caregiver. It was further clear that this was only going to get worse as the population ages and local care giving would give way to large impersonal franchises. Upon this understanding, David set in place a local firm with high standards.