Our Caregiving Philosophy

A handful of uncompromising principles, coupled with the wisdom of life experience and extensive professional experience, guides and supports our approach in providing the best experience possible for seniors and their families. We are committed to providing unparalleled support that manages every aspect of your loved one’s care and daily life.


The very essence of being human means we exist within a social structure where we interact with others.  We talk, spend time together, laugh and sometimes cry together - but, there are times in life where interaction can become minimal.  Everyone experiences loneliness at one time or another and generally, these feelings do not last long.   However, loneliness sometimes takes on a different role in the lives of seniors. Lack of companionship can become a way of life that can have a negative impact on the overall health of the elderly.

Whether loneliness is caused by the loss of a loved one, living miles away from family and friends, or because a senior’s social circle is not active – studies show that loneliness in the elderly can raise the potential for certain health risks including depression, high blood pressure and heart disease. As seniors grow older, it is important to understand the hazards of becoming isolated and inactive in social life.  Lack of companionship—not having anyone to lean on for emotional support—can cause seniors to internalize negative feelings instead of dealing with issues head-on.  Internalizing these feelings can compound the sense of loneliness and isolation which in turn can increase the risk of death and stroke in the elderly.

When we staff our organization, hiring people who will make good company is a prerequisite.


Studies show that happiness adds years to your life, happier people on average live 5 years longer than unhappy people. Happiness at a later age comes from many things which act as distractions to the underlying fact of old age. Family is very important supporting happiness, as are pets, and good company.

Together with our care givers family interaction can be well maintained and perhaps rotated on hourly or daily basis. A good, happy demeanor by the caregiver is contagious.

Being Active

It has been recently determined that “exercise” is one the top three activities in achieving happiness, your “feel good” hormones are racing through your body and you have a great sense of accomplishment. Additionally, we believe activity is one of the most important factors in eliminating or prolonging the diagnosis of dementia in elders. Whether this be limited to games, puzzles or work around the house, brain and physical activity goes a long way to prolong the aging process. If possible we promote physical activity that suit a particular age.

One cannot stress the importance of getting the elders out of bed and away from the television, getting out and seeing the neighbours.